Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update from Maine

My latest book Turkey Calls & Calling (Stackpole Books) has been published. Look for a review by Jim Casada in a future issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine.

I'm currently working on wild turkey articles for a number of magazines and online publications, including the Outdoor Life "Strut Zone," and Realtree Turkey Site (, as well as pieces on a variety of outdoor subjects for Yamaha Outdoors and Foster's Sunday Citizen (Dover/Laconia NH).

Hunting waterfowl, wild turkeys and upland birds in four states this fall, often with one of our English setters Radar (7) and/or Luna (1) along. Buried our old girl Jenny (13+), the setter matriarch of the family, back on August 31--we miss her.

Teaching two courses for Granite State College as well: Survey of American Lit. (online delivery), and American Popular Culture (f2f).

Watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and the rest of the NFL otherwise.

--Steve Hickoff