Saturday, January 8, 2011

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Review: "The 50 Greatest Plays in Pittsburgh Steelers Football History"

Reader review of Steve Hickoff's: The 50 Greatest Plays in Pittsburgh Steelers Football History

As a longtime Steelers fan who has read many books on them, I would list this book and the 2010 book "Pittsburgh Steelers: Yesterday and Today" by Abby Mendelson at the very top. 

Longtime Pittsburgh writer Jim O'Brien also wrote a great series of books on the Steelers and other Pittsburgh sports teams, but most of those are out of print and only available at a high cost in used and collectible form on Amazon. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book ["The 50 Greatest Plays in Pittsburgh Steelers Football History" by Steve Hickoff]. It's both factually accurate and graphically pleasing -- which isn't as common as I'd like when it comes to Steelers books (and I own many of them). 

I'd recommend it to any Steelers fan, and the only thing it needs is an update, because it was published right before the Super Bowl XLIII season, which had some incredible plays. But rather than seeing those new plays replace some of the old ones in this book, I'd rather see an expanded volume of 75 or 100 greatest plays! :)

-- J.Jackson

Arkansas Waterfowl

Hunted Arkansas ducks and geese this week. Stay tuned for photos and articles.