Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MADISON, WI - The new Wilderness Series of camouflage bicycles offer outdoor enthusiasts a new way of getting to their favorite hunting grounds.

The bicycles are dipped and coated in Break-Up® camouflage from Mossy Oak®.  The camouflage on the bikes allows a hunter to take a bicycle hunting without the shiny frame or chrome that could compromise the hunt. The frame is dipped in camouflage the same way guns and bows are, and the rims and spokes are powder-coated matte black. 

The bikes are welded aluminum and include Shimano shifters and drivetrains. The Wilderness Series offers three models of bikes: the 26" Mountain Hunter, 26" Game Tracker and the youth model 20" Trail Tamer. The Mountain Hunter has 24 speeds, front and rear suspension, a front disc brake and trigger shifters.  The Game Tracker offers 21 speeds, grip shifters, front suspension and linear pull brakes. The Trail Tamer comes with seven speeds, grip shifters, front suspension, and linear pull brakes. 

The Wilderness Series bikes also offer many optional accessories to help transport your gear. The Rod Locker™ allow fishermen the ability to carry up to four rods and reels.  The Locker attaches to the seat post and allows for easy mounting and dismounting on and off the bike.  The Bow Locker™ fits on the seat post and allows for easy transport of any bow due to its ability to adjust to most bow designs.  The Gun Locker™attaches to the seat post and has adjustable straps to fit most hard gun cases. 

For more information on the Wilderness Series bikes, please visit www.pacific-outdoors.com or call