Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's Going On?

Look for my upcoming print magazine features shortly after the New Year. These include articles in the January/February issue of Turkey Call (NWTF), the March and April issues of Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine, the March issue of Outdoor Life (a feature, plus the Turkey Bonus section -- I wrote five pieces, and provided photo support/drawings), a reprint article called "Turkey Lingo" in Women in the Outdoors magazine (NWTF), and New England destinations picks in the January and March issues of Cabela's Outfitter Journal.

You'll find regular posts on Outdoor Life's "Strut Zone" blog and website, plus the Yamaha Outdoors Tips website pages. I just completed a waterfowl assignment for realtree.com as well (text/photos).

Look for my Sunday newspaper column "New England Afield" in the print edition of Foster's Sunday Citizen (I'm about to begin my 12th year of contributing writing and photographs to that sports section space), and online at www.fosters.com.  

Stackpole Books will also release my "Turkey Calls and Calling" title in 2009.

A full-time writer who teaches a little too, my 2009 Granite State College schedule includes The Writing Process (Winter & Spring Terms), Short Fiction (Winter Term; 5-meeting intensive), Nature Writing (Spring Term), and The Media and Its Messages (Summer Term).

A chapter reprint of "Steelers Dial Up a Long One" from my recent NFL football history (Triumph Books) currently appears in The Coffin Corner (Vol. 30, No. 6), the newsletter of the Professional Football Researchers Association.