Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guilty Pleasure: Fly-Fishing Videos

Drinker? Retired all-pro designated driver these days.

Fly-fishing geek? Hardly. Rods are all over a decade old (like my "sport drinking," as my buddy Dodd calls it). Used some of those rods as a kid (can you say Fenwick Feralite?); still do. My dad tied most of my many fly patterns over the years (well, at least the best ones).

In truth, I only really ever wet a line between spring and fall turkey seasons, even if it confuses some of my hunting buddies. Yeah, I spin-fished a California pond for panfish during the afternoon lull at spring turkey camp one year, but I digress . . .

Still, I'm a sucker for almost any fly-fishing video you put in front of me, like this one.

                                    (c) Steve Hickoff photo

Semi-funny guide's internal monologue. The footage of fish rising and striking toward the end is pretty cool stuff though . . . and yeah, there's always the stereotypical implication of a cold one at the end of the day in a lot of these fly-geek vids, but hey.