Monday, April 2, 2007

April Update

As national magazine work goes, "Winging It" (an article on shooting flying gobblers) currently runs in the April issue of Outdoor Life (some 300,000 copies in in the Top 10 turkey states). A word or two on that somewhat controversial issue: if you've never had to shoot a second time at a now flying--and possibly crippled--wild turkey you first attempted to anchor while standing, you haven't hunted them enough. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, you need to drop that quarry, period.

My "Turkey Lingo"--a piece on turkey vocalizations--is available in the current issue of Get in the Game (an NWTF publication). "Body Language" (a feature on reading turkey movements) is in the March/April Turkey Call (also the NWTF). You'll find my "Mile High Merriam's" in the Realtree Outdoors Turkey Special as well (on newsstands everywhere). Two features, a half-dozen of my photos, and a big sidebar appear in the current Turkey Hunting Strategies, also in those places you go to grab a coffee and doughnut on your way to roosted pre-dawn birds.

In the near future, my feature on Maine's spring gobblers will run in the May/June issue of the NWTF's Turkey Call. A piece on turkey dogging will appear in the Fall issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting. I'm crafting other assignments as well.

Online you'll find an assortment of my archived turkey hunting material on,,,, and others. Check out Turkey & Turkey Hunting's forum as well ( for some of my commentary there with a number of other writers and avid T&TH readers and turkey hunters.

Readers in central and southern New Hampshire--and southern Maine--will find me in my regular Foster's Sunday Citizen newspaper space as usual.

My Fall and Winter Turkey Hunter's Handbook (Stackpole Books) is currently in production, and due for an August release. Feel free to contact me at the email listed on this blog for more information as that date approaches . . .

As a writer who teaches, I'm conducting three Granite State College classes this spring as well (, namely Survey of American Literature (11 evenings), the Writing Process (six face-to-face; six online meetings in Blackboard), and an intensive 9-5:30 Nature Writing course on five select Saturdays through June.

On June 3, I'll rest. After all, Maine's gobbler hunting only finally closes the day before--the latest running spring turkey season in the country. Texas, New Hampshire, Wyoming, New York, Vermont, and yes, the Pine Tree State, will get my attention before that.

--Steve Hickoff

(Photo courtesy of Marc Brown)