Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Still Carryin' . . .

Q.: So how'd it go this morning in New Hampshire?

A.: Good. I saw a pasture corner turkey far off while driving in, took 90 minutes working my way through the woods to get behind the bird, and tried to call it my way.

Q.: Any luck?

A.: Yeah, I called the turkey in, but it was a hen, and she didn't have a gobbler in tow as they sometimes do.

Q.: Did you work any other birds?

A.: Yep, a gobbler in a different location.

Q.: Get him in range?

A.: Yep, in range, but on the other side of the swollen river, and I only heard but didn't see him behind the leafed-out trees.

Q.: Why didn't you wade to the gobbler?

A.: River's pretty high. Just didn't is all.

Q.: What kind of man are you anyway?

A.: A dry one.

Q.: Work any other turkeys?

A.: Yeah, two more gobblers.

Q.: Get one of THEM in range?

A.: Yep, but they skirted the little swamp between us, gobbling but behind heavy greened-up cover, and never stepped into view. I had the safety off the whole time, and several chittering red squirrels told me where they were likely moving by.

Q.: Bad setup?

A.: Maybe, but they were coming hard, and I was pinned down, so there I sat.

Q.: Anything for the rest of the morning?

A.: Yeah I repositioned on the two, even saw one of them easing ahead, but never got them to work all the way in. Walked out at 11:55.

Q.: How long has it been since you tagged a longbeard?

A.: Fifteen days.

Q.: Well that's not bad, eh.

A.: Fine with me.

Q.: I hear you passed on a Maine gobbler last week?

A.: Yep.

Q.: You crazy?

A.: Maybe, but I like to make it last, and I'll hunt Maine next week.

Q.: What are you having there for lunch?

A.: Curry and wild turkey over rice.

Q.: Got any more turkey in the freezer?

A.: Nope, not now, we've eaten the last couple gobblers.

Q.: Better pull the trigger next time then, eh.

--Steve Hickoff

(NWTF photo)