Friday, October 12, 2007

Maine's Fall Turkey Season

Maine's first modern fall firearms season for wild turkeys opens tomorrow in Zone 3--fortunately, I live in it.

Right now a steady cold rain is falling, but it ought to break by morning. The weatherheads are calling for sun and wind tomorrow (42-60 degrees F.). Clearing skies ought to have turkeys shaking off in open areas after fly-down like black Labs following wet retrieves.

I can live without the predicted wind, which has just picked up outside, and which also takes your ears away a little as you try to call and work birds to your setup. Not completely, just a bit. A Saturday opener is what it is, I suppose. Useless speculation as to how many folks ponied up $20 (resident fall permit), or $47 (nonresident) dogs me. "You worry too much about that s---," a friend likes to point out.

Five weekdays will follow in the short six-day offering, M-F, 10/15-19.

Stay tuned . . .