Friday, October 26, 2007

The View From Here

Spent the morning answering business emails here in the office, and making wingbone calls from my Oct. 13 Maine fall turkey--the life!

Seriously though, the latter is a great way to extend your turkey hunts before the next one (upstate New York in my case), and the former is a big part of my day: checking on assignments sent, double-checking queries that are out, confirming work due (thru August '08 right now on the editorial schedule).

Looks like a full spring hunt travel schedule with Florida in March as well, and South Dakota in May, among others.

A buddy just sent me some trail-cam shots of the Maine deer he's calling "the pickin's": a 10. pt, an 8 pt., and others. Our resident deer season begins tomorrow, a neat deal when in-staters get first dibs before everyone does on Monday. Rain is what they're calling for.

Saw four whitetails where I took my Maine fall turkey on the opener.