Sunday, September 2, 2007

Last Year's N.H. Fall Turkey Season

According to the 2006 N.H. Fish & Game Wildlife Report: "The first-ever limited fall shotgun turkey season, October 16-20, 2006, saw 824 hunters purchase the $11.00 permit and harvest 122 turkeys (81 hens and 41 gobblers) from the 8 WMUs open to fall shotgun hunting in the western half of the state.

"Given that the total area open to hunting measured 3,347 square miles, this represents a harvest of only one turkey per 27.4 square miles. The modest harvest of 122 turkeys was only 3.4% that of the May 2006 spring season and will have little impact on the state’s turkey population. A total of 208 turkeys (120 hens, 88 gobblers) were registered during the 2006 fall (September 15-December 15) archery turkey season.

"The statewide population estimate as of August 2006 was 33,000 wild turkeys . . . Turkey numbers continue to show annual growth in northern and eastern areas of the state."

--Steve Hickoff

(National Wild Turkey Federation courtesy photo)