Friday, September 7, 2007

A Year In Review

One of my professional writer's organization memberships just came forward with a credentials audit, a regular feature to maintain the integrity of its members . . . as a result I was asked to review my publications over the past year. Here's the skinny on that effort . . .

Stackpole Books published my Fall & Winter Turkey Hunter's Handbook last month (240 pages/150 photos).

Additionally, in the previous 12 months, I also sold 52 “New England Afield” newspaper columns (Foster’s Sunday Citizen).

I placed well over 200+ photographs in publications such as my recent book, my newspaper space, and assorted outdoor magazines.

I published 19 magazine features in the past year (most of them at 2,000 wds. an article), and in no particular order . . . Outdoor Life (two feature articles), Turkey Call (five features), Turkey & Turkey Hunting (four features), Turkey Hunting Strategies (two features), Get in the Game (one feature), N.H. Wildlife Journal (one feature), Ruffed Grouse Society Magazine (one lyrical essay), Realtree Waterfowl Special (two features), and Realtree Turkey Special (one feature). I forgot to list the RGS piece in my official review, but hey . . .

In the interest of journalistic integrity, three of these fine magazines have since ceased publication, though I now write for two new markets not on the list . . .

Oh yeah, I also sold 55 Internet articles on hunting and fishing as well.

Total? One book, 126 articles, and well over 200+ photos.

--Steve Hickoff