Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nutshell: New Hampshire Hunting Seasons

Get that calendar out and start blocking off days . . . NH blackpowder season falls during the peak rut; waterfowl seasons are posted elsewhere:

Archery: Sept. 15-Dec. 15 (closes Dec. 8 in WMU A)
Youth Deer Weekend: Oct. 27-28
Muzzleloader: Nov. 3-Nov. 13 (opens Nov. 5 in WMU A)
Firearms: Nov. 14-Dec. 9 (closes Dec. 2 in WMU A)

BLACK BEAR: Sept. 1 (end varies by WMU)

GRAY SQUIRREL: Sept. 1-Dec. 31 (Closed in WMUs A, B and C1)

RUFFED GROUSE: Oct. 1-Dec. 31

WOODCOCK: Oct. 6-Nov. 4

MOOSE: Oct. 20-28 (by lottery only)

Archery: Sept. 15-Dec. 15 (Closed in WMU A)
Shotgun: Oct. 15-19 (in certain WMUs only)

SNOWSHOE HARE: Oct. 1-March 15 or 31 (end dates and bag limit varies by WMU)