Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Morning Bracket Action

What do you expect from a guy who named one of his bird dogs Midge March Madness.

And speaking with alliteration some more, I've these teams in the Elite Eight: Florida vs. Wisconsin, Kansas vs. UCLA, Texas vs. Georgetown, and Ohio St. vs. Memphis. From where I sit in this office pool of one, the Final Four survivors will be: Florida vs. UCLA, and Georgetown vs. Ohio St. To my North Carolina buds, and all others, including my B.C. backing friends (I include myself there), apologies.

The Championship game in Atlanta on April 2? Florida vs. Georgetown, with the Gators winning it all. Hey, they run the floor like the Boston Celtics used to, they share the ball like it's come right off the stovetop, and how can any hardcore NCAA hoops fan not enjoy their style of play? (I'm sure some of you Badgers backers might protest, but anyway . . .)

--Steve Hickoff

(Steve Hickoff photo)